Dear community,

For those organizations working on sustainable development and committed to supporting their communities, which have  had to cancel in-person meetings, trainings, workshops, or conferences,
we are offering our training platform (available in English, Spanish, German and French) for free as a contribution during this crisis. 

The platform, based on Moodle, enables trainers to create and manage their
own content, follow up on participation, and interact directly with the  trainees. You can upload all kinds of multimedia and create surveys, forums, exercises, etc., conduct webinars and virtual classes.

Feel free to contact us directly at contact (at)  or PM me so we can schedule a call to discuss and give you as trainer and your colleagues/trainees/students access to the platform.

We are conscious of the challenges ahead, considering the surreal situation
we are facing with the spread of COVID-19 worldwide. Stay healthy and  safe, and keep up the hard work. 

Your devotion to improving this world is so crucial, now more than ever. 


Your HEDERA team

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